Updates for News.KAG.Social are complete!

Updates for News.KAG.Social are complete!

We have completed a number of updates to News.KAG.Social, including speeding up our News Feed. In addition, we have also added an Events page, updated our Memes page and added some new videos pages. Below is a full list of the new pages.


KAG Videos
Trump Videos
The Looney Left

While we are working night and day to keep the sites up and running, we are currently looking to build a team of journalists, bloggers and pundits to help us provide content for the site.  So if you are interested in joining the KAG Social team, just drop us a message at [email protected].

We are manually confirming our users (Please read if you are going to signup)

To ensure our platform doesn’t become another platform inundated with lunatics like Gab, we are manually confirming all new accounts. So when you sign up, you won’t receive a confirmation email.  Several times per day, we will log in and after your account has been vetted, you will be confirmed and your account will become active.

In the event your account isn’t confirmed, feel free to contact us at [email protected]. So time we do get busy, but we try to confirm account as quick as possible.  If there is an issue with your user name or signup address, we will reach your to you and explain the issue. Please take a moment to read over our Terms of Service before signing up. This will expedite your confirmation.

Our goal has never been to be the biggest platform. Just to be the most balanced and non-bias. And don’t forget, lets Make Social Media Great Again together!

Is Twitter openly interfering in the 2020 election?

For the past month we have been retweeting Samuel Williams to help him with his run against Veronica Escobar in south Texas.  After noticing his tweets weren’t showing up in our feed, we started investigating.  Come to find out, Twitter has “deboosted” his account. If Twitter’s signals determine that an account might engage in harmful behavior, Twitter hides their replies behind a barrier and only loads them when “Show more replies” is clicked. Twitter does not hide the tweets of accounts you follow, but your tweets won’t be seen by accounts that don’t follow you.  For a political candidate, this makes it hard to reach new people and will directly hamper their fund raising. Especially when your opponent isn’t “deboosted”.

We also found Twitter is “deboosting” the account of Anton Sakharov, who is running for Governor in Washington state. It’s time to stop letting Big Tech interfere in our elections. Everyone should double check the standing of all conservative candidate’s Twitter accounts in their local upcoming races. Let’s once and for all prove they are meddling in the 2020 election! Use the below link to check for your local candidates.



If you do find your local conservative candidates have been “deboosted” or shadowbanned, please shoot us an email at [email protected]. We are going to keep an eye on this developing story.

First 30 days of Beta Testing are complete!

With the first 30 days of beta testing in the books, we’re going to start rolling out a couple of new features.  Some of you might of noticed the new background.  Along with some addition design changes, we are debating “federating” with some other servers to build a larger community.  Of course, we are going to do some serious vetted before we setup any “relays”.

Although the official launch will be 1/1/2020, feel free to invite anyone to sign up for an account.  And remember, if you happen to find any bugs or glitches, let us know ASAP.

Tired of the Twitter Bias?

Tired of being shadowbanned, locked and suspended on Twitter? No conservative is safe from Jack Dorsey’s bias on Twitter. Hell, they even temporally suspended Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s re-election account.

KAG Social collects no data on our users.  We do not sell data, nor ads. We do not shadowban or restrict speech that is protected under the law. Right now we are still in beta testing.  The official launch date is 1/1/2020. If you are tired of the bias, click the link below to join our freedom of speech platform.

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